Five years ago, knowing that a better frozen yogurt experience was possible, I took a leap and opened Eb & Bean. I was inspired by the delight my kids (all kids!) find in frozen treats, my passion for the way in which ice cream joyfully unites us and acts as an limitless canvas for culinary experimentation , and the bounty that comes from our incredible location in the Pacific Northwest.

I had long been obsessed with cooking and passionate about food as the great connector - from market to kitchen to table. When my family was transferred to Paris for work, I leapt at the opportunity to translate my love of home cooking and baking into something more, and enrolled in the pastry program at the Bellouet Conseil. For the culmination of my studies, I trained with Martine Lambert, the queen of French ice cream.

Back home in Portland and inspired by all that I had learned, I remembered visiting a conventional frozen yogurt shop while pregnant with my son, craving soft serve but wanting something without artificial ingredients. Wouldn’t it be awesome, I thought, for someone to create a new kind of frozen yogurt shop, with seasonal flavors, organic dairy, excellent non-dairy options relying on things like housemade nut butter for flavor and body, and lots of housemade and locally sourced (gf and vegan) toppings. Recalling this idea was my lightbulb moment, and that spark of inspiration led me to create the first of our now three locations at 1425 NE Broadway in June 2014. Our name is inspired by my kids, Eben and Sabine. who go by Eb and Bean for short.

Five years ago my vision for building a community around this new concept was just a dream without definition. I hadn’t yet known the the tangible joy we would experience serving our neighbors and friends each day, or the feeling of triumph we’d have whenever we test a new flavor we know you will love. It’s a true privilege to do what we do everyday, and we look forward to what the next five years bring!