Eb & Bean is the creation of Elizabeth Nathan, a Portland mama and food lover who wanted to bring delicious, probiotic-rich frozen yogurt to her local scene.

Obsessed with the notion that food is the great connector - from market to kitchen to table - Elizabeth followed her curiosity and hunger for new experiences all the way to Paris, where she studied the fine art of pastry. Her love of frozen desserts and their limitless possibilities led Elizabeth to train with Martine Lambert, the doyenne of French ice cream.

Inspired by her culinary adventures, and craving a scrumptious yet healthful alternative to ice cream for herself and her family, Elizabeth set out to create a better frozen yogurt experience. Other shops were plentiful but generic, offering only conventional dairy with artificial ingredients, and Elizabeth knew she could transform cultured dairy into something delightfully inventive. In one of the most verdant and bountiful parts of the country, she also knew that local, organic yogurt was what Portland deserved. In honor of her children, Eben and Sabine, the name Eb & Bean was born, along with a concept for something surprising and unique.  The first Eb & Bean shop on NE Broadway opened in June 2014. A second location opened on SE Division in November 2016, and a third is soon to open at 645 NW 21st.